Terry Meiners

Terry Meiners

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Doug Kelly on the mission of the American Edge Project

Melissa Beare details next week's H.E.R.O. 5K Run/Walk/Ruck

Melissa Beare gives us all of the info on next week's H.E.R.O. 5K Run/Walk/Ruck. It happens on June 3rd and you can get details on how to participate here...

Comedian Raanan Hershberg is back in The Ville

Comedian Raanan Hershberg has returned to his former home town. He talks about his new girlfriend (who he can't break up with), the nightmare that is being sober at a Waffle House, and getting back in shape. See him this weekend at Laugh Louisville...

Greg Fante on the new inductees to the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame

Greg Fante, the President and CEO of the Louisville Sports Commission, talks about the new inductees to the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.

The inductees are:
Ton Leach
Rick Bozich
Brigid DeVries
Chris Lofton
Bubba Paris

Gilbert Corsey talks Derby City wrestling

WDRB anchor Gilbert Corsey talks his time in professional wrestling and being one of the voices behind Derby City Wrestling on My58...

Hike, Bike, and Paddle returns on Memorial Day

Emily Martin, the city's Special Events Coordinator, gives us all of the details on The Mayor's Hike, Bike, and Paddle that is coming up on Memorial Day...

Help support Officer Nick Wilt at Bearno's Pizza

Rebecca Grignon Reeker, the Executive Director of the Louisville Metro Police Foundation, and George Timmering, owner of Bearno's Pizza, discussed the mission of the Foundation, the status of Officer Nick Wilt, and a benefit on Tuesday, May 23rd where Bearno's Pizza will donate 20% of their receipts to Officer Wilt...

Paul Gilles previews Bluegrass Pugfest

Bluegrass Pugfest is coming up with weekend and Event Organizer Paul Gilles previews all of the pug-related fun you can be a part of at the Kentucky Expo Center...

Stu Pollard on tonight's Louisville Film Society Short Film Slam

The nice, polite film producer, director, and creator Stu Pollard discusses the Louisville Film Society's Short Film Slam that is coming up tonigh...

Dan McDonnell on the injur bug, playing with joy, and getting mo rolling this weekend

Louisville Baseball Head Coach Dan McDonnell discussed dealing with the injury bug, playing with joy, and getting that "Regional feel" this weekend at Jim Patterson Stadium...