Friday, April 6, 2018

Seattle's James Paxton is Canadian, could this be something this bald eagle knew prior to their game with the Twins?  See for yourself in today's "Video of the Day" 'Murica!  

Jordan Speith opens the first day of The Masters with the lead.  How did Tiger do?  Tony heads to Augusta for an update and a preview of today's action.

The murder rate is down in Metro Louisville.  A lull or are we heading in the right direction?  Louisville Metro Police Department's Dwight Mitchell chats with Tony. 

Politics takes a back seat for family on this week's Rosanne.  How did it reflect in the ratings?  Plus Jay-Z has a unique take on President Trump.  That and more in today's Entertainment News.

Russia and China say their relationship has never been better.  Is this bad news for the United States?  NBC News Radio Correspondent Bill Zimpfer breaks it down with Tony.

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