Kentuckiana's Morning News with Tony Cruise

Kentuckiana's Morning News with Tony Cruise

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Dr. Marty Polio chats with Tony Cruise


An injury to a Kentucky Derby horse. Jody Demling is at the track and updates Tony Cruise & Scott Fitzgerald with the latest.

UofL Hospital's Dr. Jason Smith on Monday's events in Louisville

University of Louisville Hospital's Dr. Jason Smith and his staff were thrust into action following Monday's tragic shooting in downtown Louisville. He took time to talk with Tony Cruise about the violent injuries they continue to see arriving at the hospital.

Rep Jason Nemes Responds to Louisville Shooting

Representative Jason Nemes joined Tony Cruise and Joe Elliott to talk about today's shooting in downtown Louisville.

Workplace Violence in Louisville: What do we do now?

Two separate shootings in Louisville leave us wondering where do we go from here? Former FBI agent, now ABC News Crime & Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett talked with Tony, Scott & Joe about what we can learn from this tragedy?

Tragedy in Louisville: Talking to kids & understanding it all

After the events in Louisville this morning and we've all had time to process what happened how do you talk to your kids and try to understand it yourself. Dr. Charles Pemberton with Louisville Dimensions Family Therapy joins Joe Elliott, Tony Cruise and Scott Fitzgerald to discuss.

A tragic day in Louisville: What workplaces can do

A tragic day in Louisville. What can work places do to help identify potential red flags and deter workplace voilence. Paul Viollis is a law enforcement and security expert and talks with Tony & Scott about what workplace managers can do moving foward.

Easter candy and your teeth?

We all love Easter candy, but how much is too much and what should you avoid? Dr. Pat Carroll with exceptional dentistry says enjoy, but...

Bellarmine University Restructures For The Future

After making the move to division 1 athletics, Bellarmine University is again looking to the future with an academic restructure. Joining Tony Cruise to talk about the changes is Bellarmine President Susan M. Donovan.

Statewide Power Outage Update 3.6.23

Joe Arnold with Kentucky Electric Cooperatives joins Tony Cruise with the latest statewide power outage update as of 3.6.23