9-22-23 Bill Cunningham Show

9-22-23 Willie with Sean Hannity

Willie discusses the issues for both parties heading into the 2024 election season with TV and radio political commentator Sean Hannity.

9-21-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the absence rate in Cincinnati Public Schools, breaks down the abortion amendment we are voting on in November, and a local official can't do their job because of a restraining order. Willie talks with their attorney.

9-21-23 Willie with Iranetta Wright

Willie discusses the 46% absence rate with Cincinnati Schools Superintendent Iranetta Wright.

9-19-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses flying cars coming to Ohio with Governor Mike DeWine, the pattern of car thefts surrounding KIAs with Cameron Knight, and Jason Williams discusses behavior at NFL stadiums.

9-19-23 Willie with Governor Mike DeWine

Flying cars are coming to southwest Ohio! Governor Mike DeWine joins Willie to discuss the new manufacturing business moving to Dayton, and when we can expect to travel like the Jetsons.

9-18-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the fallout from the Tri-State weekend in sports with Mo Egger, a judge ruling against gun rights with attorney James Bogen, and national politics with John Lott.

9-18-23 Willie with James Bogen

Willie talks with Constitutional lawyer James Bogan about a Cincinnati judge ruling against the Constitution when it comes to gun rights.

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9-15-23 Bill Cunningham Show

Willie discusses the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry with Congressman Brad Wenstrup, Biden's failure to visit East Palestine, Ohio with Chris Cuomo, and the status of the convention center project with Alicia Reece.