Watch: College Football Coach Muses About the 'Storm Area 51' Craze

A colorful college football coach with a penchant for musing about all manner of odd topics recently shared his thoughts on the 'Storm Area 51' phenomenon. At the close of his weekly press conference on Monday, a reporter asked Washington State's Mike Leach what he thought "goes on" at the notoriously secretive facility. Without missing a beat, the coach launched into a rather thoughtful take on the matter, postulating that the government probably uses the site to test "prototypes and things like that."

However, Leach conceded that "if they have found space men, or any Roswell stuff, that'd probably be where they would store it." He attributed the allure surrounding Area 51 to those fantastic rumors as well as the cryptic nature of the facility which boasts a "cold, no-one-allowed quality" to it. As for whether or not he'd storm Area 51, the coach quickly responded in the negative and suggesting that "they just might test out the stuff they’re testing on you to ensure that you don't get in there."

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