Kentucky Man Who Stopped At Gas Station For Graham Crackers Wins Lottery

Lottery Ticket And Money

Photo: Getty Images

In a lucky twist of fate, Larry Duncan of Dixon, Webster County, clinched a $50,000 win with the Kentucky Lottery's new Millionaire Club scratch-off — a $50 ticket.

The monumental win occurred during a challenging period, with Duncan grieving the recent loss of his mother.

Duncan, not a regular lottery player, felt an instinctual nudge when he decided to purchase the scratch-off at a Marathon gas station, which he originally stopped at to buy graham crackers. Expressing a heartfelt connection, he recalled, "I don’t want to sound crazy, but I was saying, ‘Mama, you’re going to lead me to a winner.’"

His intuition proved right when the first play garnered him $55. Encouraged, he revisited the gas station the next day and purchased the ticket that would change his fortunes — a $50,000 win.

With Millionaire Club's top prize standing at $1 million, Duncan's windfall brought him $35,750 after taxes.

At first, he faced disbelief from family when sharing the news, attributing it to his history of joking about winning fake lottery tickets.

Duncan's aspirations include upgrading his 2014 Chevy Camaro to a 2024 model, a step closer thanks to this unexpected stroke of luck.

Additionally, the particular Dixon Marathon, where the winning ticket was sold, will receive a $500 bonus.

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