The Rudest City In Kentucky

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As much as we like to think of ourselves as polite and courteous, we all have our off days. In some cities, however, rudeness appears to be a way of life. ALOT Travel compiled a list of the rudest city in every state, where locals may not be known for their manners, but certainly are never short on opinions.

"Sometimes it's the traffic that makes people furious, while other times they're mad about the poor standards of living in their city—and then you have those places where people are mean for seemingly no good reason," the travel site said about its list.

You read about the most dangerous city in Kentucky, but the rudest is Louisville. Here's what ALOT Travel said to back up its decision:

In recent years, Louisville has been ranked not only as one of the worst basketball cities in the country, but also one of the saddest places as well. Whether those things are true or not, they've clearly struck a nerve with residents. So don't expect a warm response if you start questioning the city's credentials.

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