NewsRadio 840 WHAS Celebrates 100 Years of Service!

NewsRadio 840 WHAS is celebrating 100 years of service on July 18, 2022. We are planning to spend our "birthday" with a full celebration during Kentuckiana's Morning News, Tony & Dwight and Terry Meiners starting at 5am on July 18th.

840 WHAS is Kentucky's oldest radio station and its history has been well preserved. The website is a virtual museum of WHAS history including newspaper articles, jingles and airchecks of great content and historic moments heard on 840 over the past several decades.

For more WHAS history, Berea College has this historical collection.  A deeper read on the station's early history can be found here:

NewsRadio 840 WHAS afternoon host Terry Meiners has spent the past year speaking with people from the station's past in his "WHAS100" series. Hear dozens of interviews on Terry's podcast feed including this chat with former morning host Wayne Perkey.

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