Bank Says $1 Billion In Florida Woman's Account Was A Negative Balance

ATM machine and receipt with text declined for insufficient funds on account.

Photo: Getty Images

It turns out a Florida woman isn't really a billionaire, despite what her bank account said. When Julia Yonkowski went to the ATM at her local Chase bank over the weekend, she was shocked to find that her account balance was nearly $1 billion.

When she tried to withdrawal $20 from her account, the ATM told her that it could dispense the money, but she would be charged an overdraft fee.

Yonkowski was confused but decided to leave her account alone and attempted to contact a customer service representative at the bank. After failing to get a hold of somebody, she went back to the bank on Monday (June 21) to get the situation figured out.

It turns out she didn't have $999,985,855.94 in her account. Instead, it was a negative balance. A representative from Chase Bank told WFLA that the bank was responsible for the negative charge, which is used as a fraud prevention measure to freeze an account when suspicious activity is detected.

Yonkowski's bank account was jointly owned by her late husband, and the system flagged her transaction as fraudulent. The bank said it was working with Yonkowski to solve the issue.

Other people with Chase Bank experienced a similar issue over the weekend. One woman shared a video on TikTok showing her account was $50 billion in the red.

Chase chalked the issue up to a technical glitch and said that the problem has been resolved.

"We had a technical glitch over the weekend impacting a limited number of accounts," a spokesperson told The U.S. Sun. "The issue has been resolved, and those accounts are now showing accurate balances."

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