KY Humane Society Working To Save Malnourished Dog Left In Parking Lot

LOUISVILLE, Ky.- A dog rescued Friday by the Kentucky Humane Society is clinging to life at a Louisville animal hospital.

The dog was found lying in the parking lot by someone who went to drop off donations to the center on Steedly Drive. The Humane Society was alerted and rush the dog to the veterinary services department.

The dog, which the staff named Ethan, was emaciated and so weak he couldn't lift his head.

KHS officials say the dog looked like he had been starved for weeks.

Ethan has begun eating and drinking again, but he needs helping holding up his head because he is still too weak.

While the veterinary staff tries to save Ethan, the Humane Society is also working with Louisville Metro Animal Services to investigate the animal cruelty incident. Anyone with information about who owned the dog can contact 473-PETS.

Photo Credit: Kentucky Humane Society

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