Beverly Spills: Tori Spelling & Jennie Garth Rewatch & Relive '90210'

It might have been thirty years since anyone was hanging out at the Peach Pit in West Beverly Hills, but for the decade that Beverly Hills, 90210 was airing on Fox, it was everyone’s favorite place to be. Now it’s high time for a rewatch. Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth, who played best friends Donna and Kelly, host 9021OMG to do exactly that, rewatching every single episode, reliving their behind the scenes memories during the years on set, and revealing the juicy gossip we’re all thirsty for. Joined by co-host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest and 90210 superfan, Sisanie Villaclara, they spend the first episode talking about their audition process, their first impressions of the other cast members, and filming the pilot.

Tori originally auditioned for Kelly, she says, but only because Donna was a minor character that didn’t even have a name in the script yet: “It was like Friend #1,” she remembers. So when her father, producer Aaron Spelling, had the whole cast over to his house for a read-through, she didn’t join them, just watched from the staircase above as they entered. “The only person I remember meeting is Brian [Austin Green],” she says. They were both only 15, so between scenes, they would have to attend school together to keep up with their education. “I was never so excited to go to school in my life!”

Sisanie asks if they both melted away upon meeting heartthrob Jason Priestly for the first time. Jennie says, “I remember thinking he was so handsome and mysterious and moody looking, and he was smoking cigarettes, I thought he was everything. Crystal blue eyes: I had never seen anything in real life like that.” Tori, on the other hand, shied away: “I thought he was too cool for me, I couldn’t even talk to him.” She does remember having a little too much fun at the wrap party, getting so drunk that Shannon Doherty and the casting director Tony Shepard had to take her home and apologize to her mom. “I was grounded for a month after that!” Hear all these inside stories and more about the iconic television series on this episode of 9021OMG.

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Photo: Getty Images