Man Finds Autographed Michael Jordan Louisville Slugger In His Trunk


What would you do if you found something autographed by Michael Jordan in the back of your trunk?

A Hollywood actor/stuntman Tony Todd, who was a stuntman in the blockbuster movie Black Panther, ended up finding a baseball bat that was sitting in his trunk for 13 years. It's just a baseball bat, but it is a baseball bat that is signed by Michael Jordan. It’s a Louisville Slugger, model C-271, 34 inches, 32 ounces, with a light coat of pine tar on the lower handle.

It’s the bat he used to produce two hits in an Arizona Fall League game with the Scottsdale Scorpions in 1994, the year he signed with the Chicago White Sox and announced he was retiring from the NBA.

Here is what Todd told USA TODAY after finding the bat:

"I'm not in desperate need to sell it, and I don’t want to give it away," Todd tells USA TODAY Sports, "but there can’t be that many Jordan bats signed."

Todd had no idea he was even sitting on a potential pile of money until a fan sent him a note during the Jordan documentary asking if he still had the bat Jordan gave him, which Todd had once posted on social media.

Photo: Getty Images