Police Looking For 'Walter White' Look-alike For Meth Possession Charges

Police in Illinois are looking for a man in connection with methamphetamine possession. Usually, something like that isn't really newsworthy, except that the suspect in question looks eerily similar to "Walter White," the meth cooking character portrayed by Bryan Cranston on the hit AMC series Breaking Bad.

Of course, the man's name is not "Walter White" or "Heisenberg," rather, according to what Galesburg Police told KWQC, it is Todd W. Barrick. Barrick allegedly violated his probation following a possession charge. When the police department posted a photo of the man on Facebook, with his bald head, glasses, goatee and squinting eyes, their followers had a lot to say about his resemblance to the memorable television character.

Among the comments were:

"Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at Los Pollos Hermanos."
"Please check the nearest car wash or storage center."
"Word on the street is he is the one who knocks"
"He's gone, send Jesse"
"Well, I guess we have a spoiler for the Breaking Bad movie"

Hopefully all the publicity will help the police get their man.

Photo: Galesburg Police Department