Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Support Expanded Medicaid

FRANKFORT, Ky. - Kentucky's Democratic gubernatorial candidates are vowing to reverse Governor Matt Bevin's changes to Medicaid.

Attorney General Andy Beshear made the pledge a central part of his health care platform, which he unveiled Tuesday in Frankfort.

Beshear's father, former Governor Steve Beshear, expanded Medicaid in Kentucky under the ACA in a move that has been hailed by many as a model for the nation.

Bevin has said Kentucky cannot afford the expansion, and applied for a federal waiver to change how the state administers the program. President Trump's administration granted the waiver.

Beshear's opponents issued statements Tuesday. Adam Edelen saying that months ago, he presented a similar plan for protecting Kentucky's expanded Medicaid population

Rocky Adkins saying that as a cancer survivor, healthcare is personal to him and as governor he'll fight for access to affordable health care coverage for every Kentuckian.

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