Former Secret Service Agent Under Fire For Tweet At Rep. John Yarmuth

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A former Secret Service agent is under scrutiny for social media post aimed at a Louisville congressman.

Carl B. Nett took to Twitter to respond to a tweet from Rep. John Yarmuth where the congressman posted a photo of himself wearing an "F" pin, representing his rating from the NRA. Nett quoted the tweet and replied "Move it over just a bit. I was trained center mass." Nett, who is a GOP candidate for Kentucky Secretary of State and a former Secret Service and CIA agent, later deleted the tweet. In a statement, Rep. Yarmuth's office says Capitol Police have asked for diligence in reporting all threats in the wake of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and that the Capitol Police are aware of the situation." The tweet has also been condemned by both the Republican and Democratic parties.

A call for comment from the FBI has not been returned.

To see the tweet, click here.

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