Jurich Fired for "Dereliction of Duties"

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- He's accused of dereliction of duties and bullying.    Tom Jurich received a scathing termination letter when he was fired as the University of Louisville athletic director.

 In his letter to Jurich, Interim President Greg Postel says he failed to fullfill the duties of athletic director.  Postel says Jurich demonstrated a consistent and willful lack of supervision of head coaches, which resulted in a culture of tolerance for behavior that falls short of NCAA and university expectations.

Jurich is accused of intimidation and bullying that extends from student government to the University's senior leadership.

Postel also accuses Jurich of entering into secret agreements with former President Jim Ramsey for his own financial or other benefit.

In a statement, Jurich calls the allegations in the letter "untrue and unproven," and an attempt to smear his reputation.     He says the letter is an after-the-fact effort to justify an unwarranted termination "for cause." 

The statement says Jurich was one of the most involved athletic directors in the U.S., and he consistently check in with his coaches and athletes on a daily basis.

As for the allegation that Jurich entered into deals with former President Jim Ramsey for his own financial benefit, the former AD says it is simply untrue.

Photo:  Getty Images

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