Metro Council Democrats Call For Dan Johnson Resignation

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Metro Council Democrats warn Dan Johnson to resign or be removed.

A resolution from the majority caucus gives Johnson until August 1 to resign from the Metro Council or face removal proceedings.

The resolution also condemns Johnson for allegedly grabbing the buttocks of Councilwoman Jessica Green and his "insincere apology" and expels him from the caucus.

Metro Council President David Yates says the incident is an "embarrassment to the Metro Council" and a "black eye on the community."

Green's attorney Brian Butler says she's satisfied with the caucus' actions and hopes Johnson will step down by August 1.

Councilman Johnson sent WHAS this response:

"I did not ever sexually harass Councilwoman Green or the legislative aide. This has been another desperate and malicious act by a few Democratic caucus members wishing to install their hand picked crony as a Council Member.   I will continue to express my innocence and I am eager to clear my name of these allegations while doing my best every day to serve the 21st District. I was elected by the 21st District to serve the people for four years and I intend to do just that until the end of my term in office.  Hopefully soon Democratic Caucus leadership will see that these false allegations are just a distraction for the public and will return to serving the constituents' issues that matter most."

Metro Council Democratic Caucus Resolution Against Dan Johnson


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