Clarksville Police Say Wounded Corrections Officer Lied

Clarksville, Ind.  --  A strange twist in the investigation of an off-duty Metro Corrections officer at his Clarksville home.

The officer is charged with falsifying a police report regarding the alleged home invasion on June 24th.  A warrant has been issued, but as of Friday afternoon had not been served because the man was not at home.

The man, identified by Metro Corrections as Michael Wilburn, gave a description of a suspect and claimed several personal items were taken.  The suspect had an solid alibi and one of the alleged stolen items, a handgun, the officer pawned.

 Clarksville police say a warrant is issued, but has not yet been served on the officer.  It takes the investigation into the shooting back to "square one." 

Police say the Metro Correction's Officer's credibility in the shooting probe is down to the point where they have to prove him right to move forward.

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