LMPD Air Unit A High-Tech Eye In The Sky

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- LMPD occupies the highest office in the city...literally.

That office is Air 20, the department's helicopter that serves the same purpose as a squad car while providing an eye in the sky for units on the ground. Those "eyes" are a FLIR infrared camera that has guided officers to many hiding suspects and a camera system that sends a real-time image to the computers in officer's cars and the Real Time Crime Center downtown.

The air unit also helps to diffuse police chases by allowing ground units to back off with the hope the suspect will slow down and prevent an accident.

Pilot officer Bryan Arnold says any officer can transfer into the unit if there is an opening and the department handles the flight training.

To hear a more in-depth report about the Air Unit, hear a longer version of Will's story on Kentuckiana's Saturday Morning News with Scott Fitzgerald this Saturday morning.

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