NCAA Hits Louisville with Penalties for Sex Scandal

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The University of Louisville is on probation and its championship banner may be coming down.

The NCAA slapped the school with severe penalties in the wake of the basketball sex scandal.

The penalties include four years of probation and a five-game suspension for coach Rick Pitino.

UofL must also vacate an undetermined number of wins between 2010 and 2014.   That would likely include the 2013 national title win.

The penalties are the result of a two-year investigation into allegations that Katina Powell was paid to provide strippers and sex to UofL players and recruits.

UofL Interim President Greg Postel calls the penalties "excessive," and says the school will appeal the ruling.    Pitino says the ruling is "a very large mistake."  

The appeals process could take several months. 

Read the full report by the NCAA Committee on Infractions:

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