Metro Councilwoman Alleges She Was Victim Of Harassment

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A Metro Councilwoman alleges a fellow council member laughed off a case of harassment.

In a letter sent to Metro Council President David Yates, Councilwoman Jessica Green alleges Councilman Dan Johnson grabbed her buttocks and "squeezed it" during a photo opportunity at Wyndotte Park last week. Green says she turned around to see Johnson, who then leaned in, laughing, to whisper, "You know that was an accident, right?" 

In tweets that have since been deleted, Johnson claims Green touched him first when she "nestled against" his left side, adding "I was harassed too."

Yates is consulting with the county attorney's office before taking any action.

A call to Councilman Johnson's office seeking comment was not returned.

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