Covfefe, Kentucky? One Man Says Why Not

COVINGTON, Ky. -- An effort is afoot to rename a northern Kentucky city after a fake Twitter word.

Northern Kentucky University student Jared Koshiol is leading the group "Covfefe'ians for Covfefe, Ky" in their push to give Covington, Kentucky a new name.

He says the petition started before President Trump announced his he would visit neighboring Cincinnati this week, adding word of the visit added new life to the push.

Koshiol says he's doing this for the both the comedic value and to highlight a campaign promise made by Trump to repair the Brent Spence Bridge between Covington and Cincinnati.

While Trump won't be in Covington, Koshiol says his group will take their act across the river, attending the rally with Covfefe signs and the chance for people to sign his petition.

To see the petition, click here.

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