Shooting Victim's Family Suing LMPD

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The lawyer for the man shot by LMPD accuses the department of being trigger happy.

Thomas Clay is representing Bruce Warrick and his family in a civil suit against LMPD and Officer Sarah Stumler after Stumler shot Warrick in a home on Magazine Street Last week. Clay says what he saw in the body camera video shocked him and "didn't leave much room for doubt." He says LMPD's first action seems to be to shoot, which he says is not how they are trained.

He says they will file the civil suit and await the outcome of the investigations by LMPD and Commonwealth's Attorney before taking further action.

Family spokesman Christopher 2X says Warrick underwent a second surgery Friday that lasted nine hours and has lost part of his intestines and pancreas along with his gall bladder and has a hole in his liver.

An LMPD spokesman says the department does not comment on pending litigation.

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