Lawmakers React to Bevin's SOC Address

FRANKFORT, Ky.  --  House and Senate Republicans are getting down to the hard work now.  Senate President Robert Stivers and House Speaker Jeff Hoover backed Gov. Bevin's State of the Commonwealth call for patience on the pace of legislation.  Both leaders say laws on abortion, labor union dues, and prevailing wage were passed quickly because the issues were thoroughly debated earlier.  Hoover said he and his caucus are just beginning to discuss tax and public pension reforms.  Hoover and Stivers both said new revenue the governor is looking for could come from an expanding the tax base, instead of raising taxes or taxing new services.  Hoover says some tax exemptions will remain, but all need to be examined critically in budget preparations.

Democrats in the Legislature are bracing for what bill are coming next following Governor Bevin's State of the Commonwealth address.  House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins says he won't react to possible changes in tax law until the governor reveals a proposal.  He said a discussion on raising revenue has to wait until the governor decides what changes he wants in the tax code.  Adkins promised that Democrats will oppose charter school legislation.  Adkins is willing to work with Gov. Bevin in areas where their interests align.  He said House Democrats are due credit for successes the governor claims in his first year, including $1.2-billion more for the state retirement systems.

PHOTO:  Will Clark, NewsRadio 840 WHAS


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