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AZ Congressional Candidate Eli Crane Will Deliver Change

BUCK: We want to bring back our good friend, Eli Crane. He’s a former Navy SEAL, small business owner, husband, father, and native Arizonan. He’s running for Congress in Arizona. Eli, honor to have you back, sir.

CRANE: Hey, guys. Thanks for having me. I appreciate it.

BUCK: How are you looking in the final stretch here and what do you need the folks of Arizona to know?

CRANE: Well, we’re looking pretty good. You know, we’ve got polling that continues to show us up and increasing. I think what I need people to understand is that this isn’t about me. It’s never been about me. It’s you know, this is a nationwide effort to try and turn this country around, and that starts with firing Nancy Pelosi. We’re trying to flip a seat from blue to red. We’re trying to take one of her rubberstamp votes away, Tom O’Halleran. I want people to know that he’s voted for the Inflation Reduction Act, 87,000 IRS agents.

When asked to defend that vote, he said, “Because the government needs more revenue streams.” I don’t believe the people of Arizona or the people of this country believe that this government needs more revenue streams. He’s also voted for $1200 checks for illegal immigrants. He’s voted he’s got an F rating with the NRA. He’s been a politician for 20 years and he votes with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. You know, I’m a former Navy SEAL, did five tours in that in the Navy, joined the Navy the week after 9/11, started a small business with my wife where we made our products here in the United States of America. I’m endorsed by President Trump and a bunch of other amazing America First politicians and leaders in this country and I want to be a part of the change that I think is coming on Tuesday.

CLAY: Eli, Arizona certainly is one of the top battleground states in all the country. You’ve got a governor’s race, you got a Senate race, your race. What are you seeing from Arizonans and what can people in your district do? How can they help? How can people outside of your district in this nation who want to see you flip a Democrat seat back to red?

CRANE: No, I appreciate it. I think the climate here in Arizona is very strong. I think people obviously need to do the bare minimum and that’s turn out to vote. You know, and in addition to that, make sure that friends and family members are going out to vote as well. And, you know, I’m also asking people to continue to pray for this country and the candidates that are stepping up, because I do believe that God honors those who honor him, and I think that that’s one of the most powerful things we can do.

BUCK: Speaking to Eli Crane, former Navy SEAL running for Congress out there in Arizona. And Eli, you know, you’re somebody who has been out there on the front lines and knows what violence actually is. When you’re hearing all these pundits and even Democrat politicians talk about, you know, the threat of political violence from the right, just what is your reaction to this? We can see the transparent politics of it. But as somebody who’s actually had to be out there and see what it means when people take up arms, it’s got to be galling to hear that kind of rhetoric.

CRANE: Well, I just really hope the people of this country understand that we had eight Navy SEALs, at least, that I’m aware of, run for office this last time and all were running for Congress, U.S. Congress. That’s never that’s never happened before. There’s a reason that’s happening. It’s not because we all got together and thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cute if all of us ran for office?” We’re trained to recognize threats. We’ve all put our life on the line for this country in so many different ways.

And we recognize that the biggest threat to this country right now is right here within, and so when I hear this administration talking about Republicans being a threat to democracy, to me it’s just the same game they’ve been playing where they just project on to us what they’re actually doing themselves. And they are the threat to democracy — you know, in my mind, that’s not even a question — and that’s why so many of us that never wanted to be in politics are stepping up right now.

BUCK: Eli, what’s your website again so everybody can donate, help out?

CRANE: Thanks, fellas. It’s That’s

CLAY: Awesome. Eli Crane.

BUCK: Great dude.

CLAY: Go support him if you can. Thanks, Eli. Have a great weekend, and we’ll look forward to having you back on once you are officially a congressman. Thanks for all the service.

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