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Parents Brawl At Little League Baseball Game In Eastern Kentucky

Sports: Little league baseball player at bat.

Photo: Getty Images

A little league baseball game in Eastern Kentucky ended on Monday with adults throwing punches, and now the authorities are involved.

It's unclear what started the fight at a youth league game in Stanton, Kentucky. Social media videos show the altercation beginning near the pitchers mound.

"Its really sad these kids that played hard all season and put their hearts on that field didnt get to finish their championship game because 'adults' wanted to act like this..... at a T-ball game....... I can't even....." Destani Renaye Knox shared on Facebook, along with a video showing parents yelling and cursing at each other on the field.

***The following video contains profanity.***

Another video shows one parent throwing down a hat before the punches started flying.

The argument continued online once the game was over.

"If you're gonna post videos and call me a POS Coach, why don't you show the whole video or tell the entire story! I never touched anyone. Yes, I was upset over a bad call, but I would never fistfight anyone in front of kids!" Jimmy Smith, one of the little league coaches, wrote on Facebook.

Other parents continued to quarrel over what led to the fight in the comments.

The Staton Police Department and the local parks department are also trying to figure out what went wrong and are asking people at the game to come forward with information.

"Children’s sports leagues are meant to be fun activities where children can feel safe while learning a sport... but more importantly learn good sportsmanship. The display tonight was anything but that," Station City Park officials wrote on Facebook. "We apologize to the parents and children who witnessed the incident."

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