Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Just walking along in China in's "Video of The Day"

The Attorney General testified before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday – and discussed everything from the Russia investigation to the protests in Portland. Meantime Senate Republicans have released their proposal for another stimulus package. NBC News Radio's Michael Bower takes a look with Tony.

Public health officials and elected leaders hope it isn’t a computer glitch or a counting error, but the number of positive COVID-19 tests in major Texas cities has begun to moderate. Austin, for example, has seen a dozen straight days of improvement in new cases and hospitalizations. But the last thing that officials want Texans to do is take off their masks and gloves. ABC's Jim Ryan is tracking the data and joins Tony with what he found.

Good news this week as Moderna Therapeutics became the first U.S. company to enter Phase III of a clinical trial for a potential coronavirus vaccine. The blind trial is expected to include 30,000 volunteers. Half of the volunteers will receive Moderna’s vaccine and the other half will receive a placebo of sodium and water. And on Tuesday, Moderna and NIAID put out a study on primates that showed the monkeys who were vaccinated didn't get sick after 2 days, the ones who were not vaccinated did get sick after all were intentionally exposed. So what happens next and what does this mean for a vaccine timeline? Dr. Simone Wildes talks with Tony about how you can volunteer for the vaccine trial and future clinical trials, as volunteers are needed.

Mask debates seem to be a never ending thing in 2020. How can you de-escalate these sometime contentious moments? Dr. Charles Pemberton with Louisville Dimensions Family Therapy and host of the "Counseling In 30 Minutes or Less" podcast available on the iHeartradio app, joins Tony with a look.