Saturday, January 4, 2020

As discussed on the show, the real Iran? Looking at Iran beyond the political speak and sound bytes.

Recent news out of Iran following the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimanni actually had “World War III” trending on twitter. Helping us to pump the breaks on the situation and put things in perspective is CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons who joins Scott Fitzgerald on what we can really expect.

On December 13, 1977 members of the University of Evansville Basketball team took off for a regular season game at Middle Tennessee State. They never made it. Our own Will Clark (an Indiana native) looks back on that fateful day with Steve Beavin author of "We Will Rise: A True Story of Tragedy and Resurrection in the American Heartland"

New year, same ole, same ole; investors garnered over 20% last year; that is growth of 200,000 dollars on a 1 million dollar portfolio; in some instances over 300,000 on a 1 million dollar portfolio last year. Should that change your focus this year? How did you do, but more importantly are you on track with your goals and plan? Whayne Porter with Kentuckiana Planning Partners joins Scott Fitzgerald to break it down. Be sure to join Whayne and Scott, Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. on TalkRadio1080WKJK for their fireside chat asking "Are you going to be ok?"

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