Four Of The Best Haunted Houses In America Are In Kentucky

Young couple with zombie in halloween haunted house

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It's spooky season! If you're the type of person who enjoys all the ghost, goblins, and frightening aspects of Halloween, then Kentucky is the place to be.

Haunted house ranking website The Scare Factor recently released its list of top 10 haunted houses across the nation, and four are in Kentucky.

The best place to get the living daylights scared out of you in The Devils Attic in Louisville. While the location at 647 W Hill St. looks like an average abandoned building, guests are greeted by monsters roaming the parking lot and creepy movie clips playing on a loop.

What makes The Devils Attic so spooky are the high quality costumes and makeup, The Scare Factor says. They're so good that you'll forget that the person in the piggy mask is actually a person and not a real life monster.

Also on the list is the American Horrorplex at 2012 Northwestern Pkwy in Louisville. The monsters at this haunt are human experiments that have turned into horrific flesh eating patients. There's also the Fleshlumpkin that's designed to scare the holy heck out of everyone who passes by.

While the patients at the Horrorplex can't touch guests, the monsters that can't check out of the Haunted Hotel at 3000 South 4th Street in Louisville definitely can. This place was called a "high-intensity haunt" because characters will get up in guests' faces.

For horror fans not in Louisville, the USS Nightmare in Newport also made the list. What set this attraction apart from the others is that it's a haunted boat. It also offers different experiences ranging from a light scare that younger children can enjoy to an immersive adult-only experience.

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