Popular Southern Grocery Chain Announces First Louisville Store

Florida, Miami Beach, Publix grocery store cashier and customer wearing face masks and gloves, the new normal

Photo: Universal Images Group Editorial via Getty Images

A Southern grocery store with a cult-like following is finally expanding to Kentucky.

Publix on Tuesday announced its first Louisville location at Terra Crossing Boulevard and Old Henry Road, near Middletown.

"Moving into Kentucky is a natural progression for our company, and we are excited to serve and be a part of this vibrant community," Publix CEO Todd Jones said in a statement.

A grand opening date hasn't been announced, but the store will open in late 2023, the Louisville Courier Journal reported.

The 55,000 square foot store will also have a Publix Liquors outlet, which will be the first outside of Publix's home state of Florida.

The chain has multiple stores throughout Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, and the Carolinas, and people in those states are very vocal about their affinity for Publix. There's even a Buzzfeed list of the "15 Reasons Why Publix Has And Will Always Be The Best Grocery Store."

In Louisville, people are already celebrating the announcement on social media.

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