Reaction to the Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision

ABC News' Jim Ryan is in town to cover reaction to the grand jury finding into the death of Breonna Taylor. He talk with Tony about what he saw overnight.

Two officers were shot as Louisville Metro Police worked to keep property damage to a minimum. Joining Tony to analyze the job they did as well as the grand jury's findings is CBS News Law Enforcement Analyst Paul Violas

Metro Council President David James, a former police officer himself, joins Tony Cruise with reaction to yesterday's events.

What does "moving forward" look like? Dr. Charles Pemberton with Louisville Dimensions Family Therapy and, host of the podcast "Counseling in 30 minutes or less" available on the iHeart app joins Tony to break it down.

Community activist Christopher 2x reflects on yesterday's events in the city with Tony and talks about where we go from here.