Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sure we had to stay at home, but let's be honest, you still go to get out. What if you had to really hunker down say, underground for an extended period of time? What would it look like?

The debate over mail-in voting is heating up, with President Trump threatening to withhold funding for one state preparing to use the mail-in system. Why is the President opposed to the plan, and could it be part of the November election? NBC News Radio's Bill Zimpfer breaks it down with Tony.

As the nation continues to open up there appears to be plenty of confusion. NBC News Radio's Michael Bower takes a look with Tony.

The escape of former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn from Japan was orchestrated by a former U.S. Green Beret, Michael Taylor. Taylor, along with his son, were arrested on Wednesday by U.S. federal agents in Boston as a result of charges filed in Japan. This saga sounds like something out of a James Bond movie: private jets flying back and forth from the US to Japan, Lebanon and Turkey; Ghosn smuggled out in a fake musical instrument case and loaded onto an airplane; Taylor's training as a Green beret possibly contributed to his ability to sneak Ghosn passed security at not one but two different airports in a time when if you get caught with a bottle of water in your luggage you get scolded. Brad provides fascinating details of the escape and how, under 24 hour surveillance, Taylor and his men flew Ghosn out of Japan right under the nose of Japanese law enforcement. Brad also wonders if Taylor prefers his martinis shaken -- not stirred. ABC Crime and Terrorism Analyst Brad Garrett Joins Tony with a look.

The weekly jobless claims figures are out. With all 50 states now open for business (more or less), will there also be better news on that front? Also today, the latest figures on existing home sales are out and that number is expected to be bad as well -- another indication of how the pandemic has affected the economy. Caleb Silver, Editor In Chief with Investopedia joins Tony with analysis.

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