Tuesday, August 7, 2018

This is INSANE!  It's the new world record holder for the world's largest train set, complete with it's own airport!  You have to see it for yourself!!  It's today's "Video of the Day"!!

Mayor Greg Fischer weighs in on the newly renovated convention center as well as National Night Out.

With only weeks to go before the start of the next academic year, parents whose children depend on injectable medications are struggling to find EpiPens. The pharmaceutical company that makes the potentially life-saving drug says it’s been dealing with supply shortages for months. The few EpiPens that are on store shelves are going for premium prices.

What is with all the sharks this summer?  Well it turns out that over the last decade, sharks been changing age-old habits to keep up with the rising heat -- not only was 2017 one of the hottest years on record, greenhouse gases and sea levels were at record highs and sea surface temperatures touched levels rarely observed before (to say nothing of glaciers continuing  to shrink, coral reefs  dying and heat waves, hurricanes and wildfires string again and again).  And while it may take decades before we humans understand how to adapt to an ever-hotter planet, researchers have discovered that sharks have already figured it out, by changing when and where they swim, breed and hunt along American coasts. As sharks move to areas where humans traditionally don’t expect them to be, encounters between swimmers or surfers and sharks are likely to increase.  Great Whites are being spotted more frequently in places as far north as the coast of New York, where some reports suggested they are breeding.  On the West Coast, more and more Great Whites will likely reach the offshore waters of the northeast Pacific, including British Columbia in the next few decades.

Tonight brings one of the busiest primary nights of the year -- and also one of the closest in a historically deep-red Ohio district Ohio special election,  Adam is in the 12th Congressional District of Ohio,  where insiders believe that it could come down to mere hundreds of votes.

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