Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Washington State resident Brett Aho got the thrill – and scare – of his life while kayaking.  What would you do?  See for yourself in today's "Video of the Day"!

Joint Base Myer lies just across the Potomac from Washington and it is where the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff lives as well as several of the service chiefs. Cars are routinely searched and mail is normally screened. But late Tuesday afternoon at an administration building, several people started to feel ill after an envelope containing an unknown substance  was opened. The building was immediately evacuated.  CBS News Military Analyst Mike Lyons breaks it down with Tony.

The gun debate continues across the country, with an emphasis on assault weapons.  NBC News Radio's Bill Zimpfer looks at the deadliest weapons...what makes them so lethal…and the efforts to limit their availability.

Another busy day in Washington.  President Trump is calling the Russian investigation a witch hunt, more testimony expected on Capitol Hill – and Billy Graham’s remains are lying in the rotunda.  NBC News Radio's Sharon Reid has the latest with Tony from Washington.

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