Thursday, August 24, 2017

Check this Antifa protester who decided to kick back a tear gas canister at law.  It's what law enforcement returns in kind that has the internet talking.  See for yourself in today's "Video of the Day"

Nancy Pelosi said Republicans have "no excuse" when it comes to a Government shutdown.  Democrats are warning President Trump against setting up a government shutdown fight over funding for his border wall. NBC News Radio National Correspondent Joe Gomez is covering the story in Washington, DC and talks with Tony.

Taylor Swift drops new music today while Iron Man has a warning for fans.  That and much more in today's entertainment news! 

China, Russia, Venezuela are all balking at US sanctions, as the list of US sanctioned countries continues to grow. Who do we sanction, and why...and do sanctions work? NBC News Radio Correspondent Bill Zimpfer talks from the foreign desk with Tony.

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