Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ride along with this police cruiser at 100 mph.  That is until it meets a smart car. Brandon Hegele was driving 104 mph westbound on Southern Boulevard when struck 60-year-old Harry Deshommes' smart car.  At the time of the crash, Hegele was on the lookout for a suspect vehicle in connection to a felony, but investigators said he was told three times not to pursue or try to stop the vehicle.  The officer has been on unpaid leave since September 2016.  See for yourself in today's Video of the Day. 

Business leaders depart White House advisory councils while Confederate statues continue to come down around the nation.  It's a busy time inside the beltway.  NBC News Radio's Joe Gomez joins Tony.

The City of Charlottesville said goodbye to Heather Heyer on Wednesday. The 32-year old resident was remembered by family and friends as a strong willed woman, not afraid to speak her mind. Her mother told mourners to take their anger, hatred, and sadness, and to turn it into doing "righteous things." Afterward, Governor Terry McAuliffe reminded people there are still two funerals to go, with the helicopter deaths of two state troopers. Meanwhile more victims have been released from the hospital, and the leader of an alt-right group is promising a legal battle with the governor -- and Charlottesville.  ABC's Ryan Burrow joins Tony from Charlottesville.

Forbes is out with it's list of top paid actresses and Chris Brown opens up about Rhianna.  That and more in today's entertainment news!

International Outboard Grand Prix (IOGP) Powerboats will take control of Louisville’s waterfront starting tomorrow for the third race of the IOGP F1 ChampBoat Championship series racing season, setting the stage for an exciting weekend of racing, entertainment, and fun on the Ohio River in downtown Louisville.  Mike Schriefer (President, CEO of Internation Outboard Grand Prix) joins Tony.

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