Monday, July 24, 2017

Cruel or just well played?  Man pranks his friend by wiring his brake lights to his horn while he's stuck in traffic.  (Do not try this at home)....but do feel free to lol!  It's today's "Video of the Day"

Plenty of news from Harrison Ford, Stephen Spielberg and what's new for Batman?  That and much more in today's entertainment news!

A lot happening in politics this weekend.  NBC News Radio's Joe Gomez joins Tony from inside the beltway to break it down and get you up to speed. 

A call from a Walmart employee led first responders to a hellish discovery in a San Antonio parking lot early Sunday.  Around three dozen suspected undocumented immigrants had been locked in a sweltering semi-trailer with no food or water. Eight were already dead, 20 were in critical or serious condition, and one of the injured later died, according to officials. A suspect is being held in federal custody.  ABC's Jim Ryan talks with Tony.

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