Prankster Husband Surprises Wife with Dinosaur Statue in Their Backyard

In response to his wife's suggestion that they improve their backyard, a clever British man surprised her by having a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex statue installed outside their home. The proverbial prehistoric lawn ornament was reportedly the brainchild of Adrian Shaw, who conceived of the idea after a conversation with his wife Deborah. "She suggested that I clear away the weeds and maybe put a gnome on the patio," he recalled mischievously, "which got me thinking."

Citing his wife's love of the Jurassic Park films and David Attenborough documentaries, Shaw decided to eschew the garden gnome and opted for something considerably bigger: a 12-foot long T. Rex statue. "I thought nothing could possibly look nicer," he jokingly said about the 224-pound piece of artwork that he purchased for approximately $2,000 and had installed by way of a giant crane. "The neighbors loved it and took lots of pictures," he said, "it looked great in the garden."

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