Video: Virgin Mary Painting 'Cries' at Beleaguered Chicago Church

A church in Chicago on the precipice of foreclosure seemingly received a supportive message from above when a painting of the Virgin Mary at the building began inexplicably crying over the weekend. The amazing sight was reportedly first noticed by a worker at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday morning before services were set to start for the day. The 'tears' on the painting were described as being an oil-like substance that some in the parish believe could have healing powers.

As is often the case with such mysterious and possibly miraculous occurrences, word of the crying painting quickly spread throughout the community. On Sunday alone, around three hundred people flocked to the site to see the weeping icon and even more awestruck individuals, including a number of church officials, journeyed to the house of worship the following day. What makes the crying painting particularly poignant is that the tears appeared during what has now turned out to be the church's final days.

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