Video: 'Dinosaur Skull' Spotted on Mars

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images of Mars spotted what he believes to be evidence of a dinosaur skull sitting on the surface of the Red Planet. The weird find was made by indefatigable UFO researcher Scott Waring, who recently noticed the strange oddity while looking at pictures that were taken by the Spirit Rover back in April of 2004. Much to his surprise, one of the old photos appeared to feature what he artfully described as "a screaming face in the dirt."

That 'face,' Waring contends, belonged to some kind of "part reptilian and part bird" creature akin to the dinosaurs which once roamed the Earth. To that end, he mused that "if you found this in your back yard, would you even hesitate at thinking it was a dinosaur fossil?" Clearly, Waring's answer to that question, at least in his mind, is 'no,' as he argued that the discovery "should rock the world of paleontology."

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