Earhart Mural in Malaysia Gets Panned

A massive Amelia Earhart mural that was recently unveiled in a Malaysian city is being panned by residents who are wondering why it was created in the first place. The artwork, which measures a whopping 88 feet by 12 feet, was reportedly revealed to the public for the first time last week as part of an independence day celebration in the city of Taiping. Although the piece is undoubtedly impressive in its size and artistry, its subject matter has created considerable controversy in the community.

The issue being raised by a number of residents is that Earhart's connection to Taiping is fairly tenuous. During her now-infamous 1937 attempt at circumnavigating the globe which ultimately led to her disappearance, the legendary pilot stopped at the city's airport for a day to refuel her plane. Much to the chagrin of those in Taiping who don't consider the event to be all that significant, the brief moment when Earhart came to town is what is being memorialized in the mural.

In a testament to the expression 'everyone's a critic,' the Facebook page for the Taiping Municipal Council, which oversaw the creation of the mural, was soon filled with comments from residents who were unhappy about the artwork. More on this weird story at the Coast to Coast AM website.