Video: Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found

A pair of herpetologists in New Jersey recently stumbled upon a rare two-headed rattlesnake slithering around in the state's infamous Pine Barrens. The wondrous-looking creature was reportedly spotted by two workers from an organization known as the Herpetological Associates of Burlington County. In a somewhat ironic twist, the duo who discovered and captured the snake are both named 'Dave,' which led to the unique find being dubbed 'Double Dave.'

Weighing approximately one or two ounces and measuring around eight-to-ten inches long, the rattlesnake is fairly young and was unlikely to have survived for long in the wild had he not been discovered. Double Dave is now being housed at the group's herpetological headquarters in the hopes that the creature can thrive in captivity. Should workers there be able to get the snake to eat using one of its two heads, they plan to x-ray the reptile in order to get a better understanding of its digestive system.

Check out video of the curious creature at the Coast to Coast AM website.