Here's Where To Get The Best Crepes In Louisville

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Crepes can make the perfect meal! You can fill them with gooey, sweet chocolate, savory meats and cheeses, or simple fresh fruits making them absolutely prefect for any time of day.

They're so good that there's a whole day dedicated to them. February 2nd is National Crepe Day!

Yelp compiled a list of restaurants to get the highest-rated crepes in the city. According to the list, the best place in Louisville to get crepes is Chocolate and Nut Kingdom. The eatery has tons of great reviews. One Yelp user wrote:

"After hearing rave reviews about this place my husband and I came to check it out. The shop is clean and large and full of all kinds of goodies! We ordered an order of the chocolate crepe sushi, a Nutella waffle, and a milkshake from the Melt Munch side of the store. We sampled some Turkish delight and also grabbed some of their walnut baklava from the bulk candy side of the store. Everything we tried was delicious and every person we encountered was polite and extremely helpful for newcomers. Fair warning, don't come here hungry like we did! You won't be able to leave without an armful of goodies. Next time I plan on trying some of their tea and possibly some gelato."

Here are the top 10 highest-rated places in the city to get crepes:

  1. Chocolate and Nut Kingdom
  2. Eden & Kissi
  3. Mayan Cafe
  4. Safai Coffee
  5. Wiltshire On Market
  6. Queen of Sheba
  7. Sweet 'N' Savory
  8. Gelato Gilberto
  9. Ziba's Bistro
  10. Vietnam Kitchen

Check out the full list of places to get the best crepes in the city on Yelp's website.

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