Kentucky Women's Prison Inmate Details 'Unbearable' Frigid Conditions

Photo: Getty Images

One inmate at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Shelby County is detailing the unbearable, frigid conditions. WLKY reported that heating issues are severely impacting the prison.

Karen Brown said that she hasn't ever had to deal with the conditions she's dealing with now. Brown said, "I know a lot of people stayed in the bed covered up, so it was bearable that way."

Brown says the heat in the prison works "at best" for a little while, and then nothing. Brown said, "The rooms and hallways, which are more closed off, were more bearable. You just have to put clothes on blankets."

The prison's website says that visitation is suspended until further notice because of "electric equipment failure."

Brown said that even though the conditions are cold, she applauds the prison officials who are working to resolve the issue.

Brown said, "I do know the deputy wardens and the higher-ups, they've tried. They came in on their time off and took temperatures and called people, so I don't know what the exact problem is, whether it's a matter of parts needed or a new unit."

Brown told WLKY during the interview that the heat did turn back on. She only hopes that it's on for good this time. Brown said, "Nothing to complain about this time, I just hope it stays on."

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