Power Lineman Saves Woman, Dog From Sinking Car In Kentucky River

Photo: Getty Images

A Kentucky Power Line Mechanic saved a woman and her dog from a sinking car in the Kentucky River on Thursday, according to a Facebook post from the utility company.

The driver had gone off the road along the locally-known "Dipsy Doodle Curve" and went over a steep embankment. Thankfully, line mechanic Brian Combs was in the area heading toward the Hazard Service Center when he saw the car sinking.

Combs didn't hesitate to save the woman from the car.

"I knew there wasn't time to wait on emergency rescue to arrive, so I grabbed a rope from my vehicle, tied it around my waist and told the others to hold it from the bank, Combs said, according to the energy company's post.

The woman was not able to swim, but Combs was able to get her and her dog, Sugar, out of the car. They were safe and unharmed when they made it up to the riverbank, Kentucky Power said.

"I would have drowned had Brian not rescued me," the woman said.

Kentucky Power thanked Combs for his actions.

"Thank you Brian, for your your incredible bravery and heroism," the company said.

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