Mayor Fischer Says City Is Preparing For Protests

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Mayor Fischer says the recent violence that resulted in three deaths Sunday night is unacceptable.

At a briefing to announce the city's annual pothole blitz, the mayor was asked about the shootings, and also about protests over the weekend that disrupted people entering the convention center for a cheerleading competition.

Fischer says there's no excuse for the type of behavior that intimidated the children in the competition.

As the one year anniversary of Breonna Taylor's death approaches this Saturday, March 13th, Fischer says they've been talking with protest groups and LMPD, and the city will announce its plan in the next few days.

On potholes, Fischer says there are three ways you can report one to the city: via twitter at #502pothole, by calling Metrocall 311, or finding a pothole reporting form at the city's website

Photo by Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

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