Nashville Officers Speak About Surviving Explosion

"Intentional" Explosion Rattles Nashville On Christmas Day

(Nashville, TN) - Police officers in Nashville are speaking about their experience during the explosion that rocked the downtown area on Christmas Day. 

Officer Tyler Luellen said he was knocked to the ground moments after requesting all available units to come to the scene.

Officer Brenna Hosey said she also hit the ground after the explosion, but realized she was okay and quickly went to check on her colleagues.

Officer James Wells said he felt God tell him to turn around and check on a fellow officer. He described seeing an orange fireball and hearing a loud boom. Wells added what happened that day will tie the officers together forever.

Officer Michael Sipos said he was thrown into the trunk of his car and then saw an orange sky. 

Officer Amanda Topping said she'll never forget the windows and glass shattering. She added that she saw the biggest flames and explosion in her life, like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Photo Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

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