It’s All About The Kissing Scenes On '9021OMG'

On this episode of 9021OMG, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, and Sisanie Villaclara talk all about the pilot episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, from the fashion to the music to the cinematography and more. Plus, guest star Maxwell Caulfield joins them to talk about his lecherous character’s interactions with Shannen Doherty, makes Tori emotional with his memories of working with her father, producer Aaron Spelling, and reveals what it was like to work with – and kiss! – a young Michelle Pfeiffer in Grease 2. And finally, Leslie Bega comes on to spill all the tea about her steamy hot tub makeout scene with Jason Priestly.

Maxwell says the very first thing he shot with Shannen was their makeout scene, and he didn’t even have time to be introduced to her before they were going at it. Watching it now is so uncomfortable because “she was practically jailbait,” he says. But Tori says that the show was “tapping into things teens were actually going through – and that happens!” Grease 2 is one of Tori’s favorites; what was it like to kiss Michelle Pfeiffer? she wants to know. Maxwell says she was somewhat reserved on set, but in the scenes, she delivered; “I was seeing stars!” he admits, laughing. 

Speaking of kissing scenes, there’s never been a more iconic makeout scene than Brandon and Marianne Moore in her hot tub. When Leslie joins them, they make her spill the beans about kissing Jason Priestly; “he is an awesome kisser and so gorgeous,” Leslie says, and their chemistry really helped, but she gives as much credit to the director, Tim Hunter, as anything else: “We shot in that hot tub among that stunning foliage, and they made it look so ethereal.” In fact, it was working with Tim that first drew her to the project, because she knew he would “bring something edgy….to primetime TV” and after she left her audition, she felt a little weepy, because she knew it was “going to be an amazing show….it was a voice for that era.” Hear all their great memories of Aaron Spelling, their time on the set, and much more on this episode of 9021OMG.

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