Bill Lawrence Threatens To 'Pull The Plug' On 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends'

On this episode of Fake Doctors, Real Friends, Zach Braff and Donald Faison, along with their producers Dan and Joelle, talk about the Scrubs season three episode “My Fifteen Seconds,” but also The Mandalorian and The Bachelorette, the best freestyle rappers, John Tesh’s “Roundball Rock,” Donald’s booty, 90’s sex scenes, roller coasters, and JD being a huge dork. Then Amanda calls in from Hoboken, New Jersey to get advice on her quarter-life crisis, and hear about Zach’s days as a lowly production assistant and the front desk job Donald worked for awhile that changed his mother’s life. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence also pops in to quiz the guys, threatening to “pull the plug on our podcast” if they can’t name three Scrubs writers. Plus, Zach performs his Passover rap!

Amanda asks them about the craziest things they’ve had to do as lowly PAs before they were famous, and Zach says he wanted to be a director so badly that he was gung-ho about production work, wanting to be the best production assistant there was. “All the other PA’s would be getting high in the truck….and I’d be running around doing everything,” he remembers. And a lot of it was kind of dangerous, like “locking down the street” so passersby wouldn’t ruin a shot: “Many, many times in Manhattan at night I almost got my a** kicked begging people to not walk down a street because we were making a Mariah Carey video.” 

Donald had some early acting success with commercials, so he was never a PA, but he says he did take a job at the front desk of his acting agency for a few months. He was responsible for typing up the lists of actors the agents wanted to submit for certain roles and sending them to casting directors, and admits that when his name wasn’t on the list, he’d simply add it and include his headshot. When he got the part in Clueless, his mother, Shirley Faison, took the job; she ended up becoming an agent herself with an extremely impressive client list. Amanda asks about the craziest things they did that got them into trouble, but they won’t admit to anything on air; suffice it to say, Donald says, “too much money at a young age is not a good thing.” Hear about all this plus the time Zach was accidentally naked in front of Tara Reid, why Donald’s wife won’t let him do a sex scene, and much more on Fake Doctors, Real Friends.

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Photo: Getty Images