Kentucky High School Athletic Association Keeps Sports Plan In Place

HAZARD, Ky. - The Kentucky High School Athletic Association has decided to keep its current sports plan in place.

The 16-2 vote means high school sports in Kentucky will move forward, with practice beginning on Monday. The two no votes were from Jerry Wyman and Marlon Miller - both from Jefferson County Public Schools.

Competition can begin Sept. 7 for volleyball, field hockey, soccer and cross country and on Sept. 11 for football. Practices can begin on Aug. 24 in all sports.

Two options on the table to move some or all sports to Sept. 28 were voted down. Gov. Andy Beshear recommended schools to stay closed to in-person instruction until Sept. 28.

The KHSAA still needs its plan approved by the Governor's office and state department of public health.

Individual districts could opt out of the plan.

KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett says there likely will be attendance limits at fall sports events. The staff will work to address this item in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / iStockphoto

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